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Fall Schedule (Usually done in October, November, December)

• Temperatures and pressures will be taken
• Inspect unit disconnect
• Inspect ducts for air leaks
• Check combustion air openings
• Check operation of safety controls
• Temperatures and pressures will be taken
• Inspect flue pipes
• Check gas line
• Check for gas leaks
• Check pilot safety
• Inspect controls and safeties
• Inspect heat exchange for cracks
• Inspect burners
• Check all air filters

Martin Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating has developed a customized preventive maintenance program that addresses the problems we see most often in air conditioning and heating systems. Our professional service technicians are trained to service and repair your systems efficiently. This will help eliminate future problems and save you money. This program provides preventive maintenance services and is designed to reduce the possibility of an air conditioning or heating system breakdown and increase the lifetime of your equipment.



 LIFE SPAN - Your system can last up to twice as long. When done regularly, the annual service you receive can double potentially the remaining life on your air conditioner and         furnace.

 SAVE $ AND SAVE THE EARTH - Your savings on utility bills can easily pay for annual service.

 FEE-FREE GUARANTEE - We guarantee that if your furnace or air conditioner needs repair while you are a “Martin Mechanical Elite Member” The service call and diagnostics fee will be waived.   (After hour fees still apply, if called out after hours the normal service call out fee of $150 still applies.)

 MARTIN MECHANICAL ELITE REWARDS - As a “Martin Mechanical Elite Member” you will enjoy special privileges. If you ever need service, you immediately got to the front of the line when setting your appointment, and receive a 5% discount on all parts and 10% discount on new installation.  (must be enrolled in membership for 30 days to receive discounts) 

With this program you will receive two seasonal inspections each year. The annual cost for the program is $129.00 for the first system and $99 for each additional system.

Spring Schedule  (Usually done in March, April or May)

• Check condenser coil and evaporator
• Inspect blower wheel
• Check refrigerant charge
• Check thermostat calibration
• Check all air filters
• Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys
• Check blower and condenser fan motors
• Check condensate drain lines
• Check capacitors